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Halton ProShred

We deliver our systems tailored to your specific need and with all components included.
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Paper shred vacuum system

Halton ProShred, central vacuum system for data shredders is the perfect solution for complex administrative office buildings. In the system, each office copy room is equipped with a high-powered data shredder. The shredders are connected to vacuum piping that transports the paper shred to a central container when the shredder is used. Other office paper and data security paper collection points are no longer needed and neither are the handling of those. Central vacuuming of data media shredders is done in accordance with strict data security standards. The usual handling costs of security papers and other office papers can be reduced significantly in this way.

Maximum security

Halton ProShred, decentralized data shedder system ensures security for the office paper handling. The employees will shred the papers directly by themselves. Perfect data security is achieved by the degree of shredding to which obsolete data is subjected. A broad spectrum of data shredders with fine cross-cut particles in accordance with security levels 3 and 4 per DIN 32757 are available for use with the Halton ProShred. However, the actual security level is much higher due to the fact that the particles are mixed during transport to the container.

Efficient handling with reduced costs

No more maintenance people on the office floors, collecting and handling the data security or other office paper containers. Personnel and handling costs for emptying and transporting security and other office paper collection containers to a central collection and disposal point play a significant role in expansive administrative office buildings. These costs are almost entirely eliminated after installation of a Halton ProShred system. Shredder materials are accumulated in a container or paper baler, and are subsequently either compacted or otherwise disposed of. From an economic point of view, this concept represents a very well organized and practical method for collecting all office paper materials to a central location for recycling.

Positive Health Aspects

Clean air is essential for a good indoor atmosphere, and is a decisive factor for the health of company employees – especially those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The use of Halton ProShred assures that shredding dust is entirely exhausted from the shredders, and subsequently filtered out.


We provide complete systems that are always tailored for the customers’ true needs and wishes. We have over 25 years of experience with professional central vacuum cleaning systems and nearly 20 years with paper shred vacuuming systems. We have delivered paper shred vacuuming systems all around the world. By listening and replying to our customer needs we have developed and delivered vacuum systems for a lot of different needs and uses, starting from normal indoor dust vacuuming up to industrial use automated vacuum systems and data shredding vacuuming systems.

Customer service

Customer service is our key factor from the very beginning of all projects. We map end user’s needs and develop a draft design in short order for base of project planning. We provide help intensively for the final system designs. Our system designers, project managers and installation teams are service orientated to listen to and act on our customer needs throughout the whole project. We provide aftersales and maintenance services to ensure reliable and carefree use of our systems.

Here is an image of how the ProShred system looks: